Ofure Ashiyanbi is an astute sales, Food Crafter and seasoned events manager. She has a passion for good food especially in food presentation.
She even trains women and youths to become better home managers and develop good food messaging and presentation skills during empowerment programmes.

Of recent she trained the Police Officers Wives in Rivers State on Food crafting of which some have become economically empowered. Ofure loves food and has a calling on the Food Ministry where she spreads the creative ability from God and with deep Biblical understanding of Food and how it invariably affects one’s life.

Her teaching on Food Composure, Foodieluyah, Food messaging and Food Crafting is a rare teaching you can only get by the deep inspiration from the Holy Spirit

For more information; stay tuned to FoodSpiration on Wednesdays by 12.30pm and 7pm respectively. GOD bless you.

Nora Miller is an excellent television Presenter for Salvation TV. A vibrant young lady who demonstrates her love for God by telling the world about His good works through David Ibiyeomie via the Television Programme ” Building The Future”.

Her presentations are chock full of inspirational, valuable and insightful information that makes her audiences have that AHA! moment and keeps them glued to the TV.

She strives to let the world know of God’s goodness and win souls for Christ through Television Programing…

Vivian Unegbu is the director of the Prestigian company Ltd, that    educates schools, colleges, teachers, organizations and Individuals on globally acceptable standard of spoken English.

She is multi  talented, a motivational speaker, a writer, an instructor, an experienced teacher with recognized proofs in prestigious  institutions notably Chokhmah International academy, just to mention a few and a TV host of Speak Right, on Salvation TV, with the view of sanitizing the global  community on the way they speak, and also focusing on soul winning for Christ through her TV program with the help of the Holy Spirit . She is a Certified Oral English Expert and a graduate of Linguistics and Mass Communication Studies

Emmanuel Kenibo, is a prolific presenter and TV host. A vibrant young man with a heart for God and Humanity. He is dedicated to putting smiles on the faces of millions all over the globe with his gifts and restoring hope back to humanity with the truth of God’s word.