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Prayer Request

Do You have a Prayer request? What does the bible say about prayer ? Philippians 4:6 states ,”Do not be
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Moment Of Miracles

Miracles are extraordinary events manifesting divine intervention in human affairs; an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing or accomplishment. Miracles
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Nikki & Babs

Nikki and Babs: Dos and Doubts is a truly original teen comedy/drama series that follows two improbable best friends as
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 Eating Habits!

Habits are results of over-rehearsed actions that have in time become part of ones lifestyle.It could be good or bad.Eating habits can be referred to what people eat and the manner in which they eat.Lets start with junk food(processed food)…if thats your habit,then i guess you are on a train going down the obesity lane.Eating junk food may seem pleasurable,i mean its fast and handy but the aftermath..hmmm lemme think not so much fun.Processed foods are high in calories and low in nutrients,so when consumed excessively could lead to increased risk of obesity,cardiovascular diseases,diabetes and other chronic health conditions.

Let me break it down for you,eating healthy does not make you boring or seem like you’re missing out on the chips ‘n’ dips and need i say you can have healthy chips ‘n’ dips.Eating healthy doesn’t mean throwing away certain foods from your life and shutting a permanent door,its just about knowing the right foods to consume and the appropriate amount…yes appropriate amount–uh hello, i dont mean you should starve.Starving yourself when you’re not fasting is self abuse because it could ruin your immune system faster than you can imagine plus your brain won’t give you the required support for the day as there is no food supplied to it.

Do not skip meals especially breakfast.Have u ever heard “breakfast like a king”,now with a trumpet i say !!!!BREAKFAST LIKE A KING!!!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.Have u tried testing ur brain by Day1. skipping breakfast for a day and skedaddle to work/school and Day 2.having breakfast before going to work/school.There is a huge difference on your brain and body for both days.Yea try it and thank me later.

All i’m saying is Eating habits are not to be neglected.

For my brethren that make processed cassava(garri) their triple dose communion each day..hmmm your body’s metabolism is so bored im sure.Don’t get me wrong Garri is not bad,it could go well especially for lunch but make sure you take that down with enough soup/sauce.

Hey your body processes food faster,when you keep it guessing like it does’nt know what’s coming next..what do i mean.Example:For breakfast -avocado spread on french,oatmeal and berries with a side apple–Have you heard?.An apple a day takes you away from the doctor.For lunch-plantain porridge with garden egg leaves and water.

For Dinner-chicken,/steak/fish and salad with non alcoholic grape wine…not bad huh?

Its not a crime to have in between meals too.Instead of going with normal dose of carbohydrates why not try these and very importantly,Drink Water.According to the Health Bible,individuals are required to drink 8 glasses of water per day.Water hydrates the body and helps flush toxins from the body,also leaving you with a healthy body and smooth skin.

Overeating is harmful and addicting,the bible compared it to laziness and drunkeness.As christians we are to control our appetite and keep our bodies healthy.


Dr. Mike Murdock

…….Watch Dr Mike Murdock everyday on Salvation TV……….. Dr. Mike Murdock is in tremendous demand as one of the most

Billy Graham

Billy Graham Classic Airing on Salvation TV everyday……..) WHAT COULD YOU DO WITHOUT Our Society often thinks of life’s luxuries

Moment Of Miracles

Miracles are extraordinary events manifesting divine intervention in human affairs; an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing or accomplishment. Miracles

Best Of Gospel Art

Know all about a wide range of Gospel Music art at its best.


I was not interested in television at all until I saw a piece of your Travel TV Show on the Internet. Now I’m thoroughly captivated!
To God be the Glory, I have being healed of multiple fibroid , I asked by some doctors to remove but I kick against it
Salvation TV  has made a quantum leap in Christian television broadcasting of our country. It is hard to imagine the situation on TV without them.

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