Pastor David Ibiyeomie in his book Demonstrating Love for your Nation opined that life becomes profitable when it is “contribution driven”. According to him, for any nation to develop and attain a sustainable level of growth, there must be genuine love demonstrated by her citizens. As an astute practitioner of his teachings, he ensures that Salvation Ministries touches lives and communities in many ways as led by the Holy Spirit. Although the commission does not believe in showmanship and blatant display of her social responsibilities, her many charity works stand out wherever they are found. The spirit of excellence and compliance to global best standards in all her operations typify all her activities. Her projects in the upliftment of the society cut across all facets of life including but not limited to, health, education, infrastructure, empowerment and social welfare amongst others.

Salvation Ministries believes that youths are the future of any nation. As a result, the church in addition to her many teachings on the moral and spiritual development of the youths sent a good number of them to Israel. It was an all-expense free trip where the youths were engaged in leadership, mentorship and skills acquisition training superintended by experts of international repute. In the sphere of education, the many local and overseas scholarships awarded to youths in reputable universities highlight the premium the Commission attaches to education. For the 2016/2017 academic session, the church earmarked over a hundred million Naira for scholarships for 634 students cutting across primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

The towering results of the skills acquisition and empowerment programs of the church still resonate. The programs which is constantly being restructured and rejuvenated for greater impact is one of the many charity outlets that have benefited a majority of widows. The starter packs distributed upon completion of the programs is life transforming. Again, payment of lifelong stipends, upkeep and maintenance for the elderly is a social welfare scheme that Salvation Ministries relishes. Consequently, many that hitherto had been abandoned, down cast and frustrated now have reason to not only live but live well. As a further demonstration of the Commission’s love for the elderly, the church has completed an ultra-modern, multi-million Naira world-class home for the elderly in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Interesting to note is the fact that in the spirit of cooperation the Commission’s goodwill transcends denominations and other earthly barriers as the facility is to be handed over to the Catholic Church, which has pioneered the care for the elderly through the operation of a modest facility that will be boosted by this gigantic intervention by Salvation Ministries.


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