A total number of 35 Youths were empowered by Salvation Ministries to start up their own business after undergoing 3 weeks training on Fish farming. Others are still undergoing training on Pipeline welding, chemical production, fire fighting and industrial electrical at Marine Base in Port Harcourt.

God Bless David Ibiyeomie

LoveObedience Maintain A Healthy Conscience

There are covenant factors to becoming a financial sign but the foundational factor is to love God. Giving without love is a complete waste. Every giving that must produce must be love-motivated. The wealthiest man in Bible history, Solomon, had access to unfathomable wealth because of this factor. Solomon loved the Lord before he gave. He did not ask for riches. So, you don’t ask for true prosperity; you walk into it. You don’t pray for money; you walk into it by loving God. Love is provable. The sincerity of your love for God must be proved. If you cannot prove your love for God, then your love is fake. God proved the sincerity of His love for humanity by giving His only begotten son. The sincerity of your love is proved through your giving. Solomon loved the Lord and He gave a thousand burnt offering. Read through the Bible; everywhere God talked about love, there was giving. For God so loved the world that He gave.

Check yourself: you always like to give to the person you truly love. You cannot say you love God and don’t give to Him. It is the depth of your love for God that determines your level of access to His resources. When you demonstrate your love in giving, you become a financial sign to your world. Enter into a frequency of love for God and you will not struggle to prosper. From this day, may God give you a heart for Him! When you seek the kingdom of God first, every other thing including wealth shall be added unto you. When you begin to show love towards God, you will see how He will so bless you that even those who don’t like your face will have no choice but to appreciate God’s hand upon your life. Just have a heart-seated love for God before giving to Him. The moment God sees your heart is set for love, He will give you wealth because He is the one that gives power to make wealth.

Today, I admonish you to sincerely ask the Holy Spirit to put the love of God in your heart. If you have genuinely entered a covenant of love with God, I pray for you today, begin to experience financial signs from now! Between now and the next three months, there will be a proof that God has distinguished you in the name of Jesus-Amen!!!

God bless you

God’s word, when received, believed and acted upon, has the creative force to cause you to enjoy divine health, protection, peace, prosperity and every good thing that pertains to life and godliness. You can get anything you are looking for from God’s word. You cannot act on the word of God and any force in hell stop you; God’s word has the ability to create your desire in life. Everything on earth; including your prosperity was created by the word of God. Poverty cannot be your portion if you put God’s word to work. There are certain conditions you must meet if you want to have a financial breakthrough in your business.

The major condition for financial breakthrough in your business is obedience. Prosperity is available and accessible to all but obtainable only to the obedient. Peter obeyed Jesus by casting his net on the right side of the boat in John 21 and reaped the reward of obedience. Half obedience or wrong obedience will not produce any result because it is still disobedience. If you really want to prosper financially, whatever the word of God tells you to do, do it, even if you don’t understand the reason why you should. That is true obedience. The truth is a burden without obedience and prosperity starts with obedience to God’s word. From today, as you obey God’s word completely, I see you walk in strange financial breakthrough in the name of Jesus! God will embarrass you with net-breaking and boat-sinking financial blessings in the name of Jesus! It is well with you in Jesus mighty name –Amen!

God bless you

The conscience is the moral being within you; it is the police of the heart that controls your life. When your conscience is dead, life has ended. To succeed in life, business and career, you must have a living conscience. Most times, making a mistake is not the issue with God but having a conscience is more important. There are people who don’t even feel it when they make mistake; their conscience is already dead. A dead conscience does not see evil as evil anymore. If you want to last in life, never get to a point where your conscience is dead; where you call evil a weakness. A man’s treatment of money (how he makes and spends money) is the most decisive test of his character. There were times my wife and I have stayed with no food to eat; and with church money in our custody; yet we never tampered with it. Today, the story is different. A man with a living conscience will feel guilty when he is wrong. Never keep a man with a dead conscience around you; it is not the mistake the person made but having a dead conscience. In the day of your trial, it is your character that will speak for you.

If you want to be successful, watch your thoughts because they will become words and your words will become actions; your actions will become habits, your habits will become your character and your character will become your destiny.

Thoughts >Words >Action >Habit >Character >Destiny

Every word and deed of a parent is a fiber woven into the character of a child that will ultimately determine how that child fits into the fabrics of the society. Anything you do, your children imitates you without talking. Every child have traits of their parents’ character. The workshop of character is everyday life – the eventful and the common places; that is where the battle is either won or lost. The discipline of desire is the background of character because when liberty lacks control, it becomes captivity. Henceforth, everything about your life will speak success! I see you succeed as you make God’s word your guide and keep your conscience alive in Jesus name-Amen!!!

God bless you

Home For The Elderly - Built By Salvation Ministries

Salvation Ministries is committed to building a caring and loving society. Thus she embarked on building a duplex with modern facilities to replace the dilapidated home for the elderly, situated at No. 33 Harbour Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Behold the new look today; courtesy of Salvation Ministries, Home of Success through God’s Servant – David Ibiyeomie.

The building will be equipped with state of the art facilities that will suit the personal needs of the senior citizens who require some assistance with daily activities and health-care; so they can age with dignity.

Barely 20years in ministry, David Ibiyeomie has become a phenomenon to the world. On the 13th of February 2011, the church started 14 Satellite Churches in one day, with all running five services each; a new record in the history of church growth. Today, David Ibiyeomie pastors millions of worshippers spread across the globe with over 180 satellite churches within and outside the country and over 300 pastors assisting him.

David Ibiyeomie was recently recognized by the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria, as an Icon of Peace and Unity.

Without any doubt, David Ibiyeomie is certainly a nation builder; language, gender and race notwithstanding. Watch the Phots:

Fashion Design Training - DIF

David Ibiyeomie Foundation (DIF)  fashion designing training ended on Friday 1st of December 2017 and Papa was present  to grace the occasion. The training was impactful and life transforming. Every thing used from sewing machines and training materials in the course of the training was provided for by David Ibiyeomie Foundation. The trainees were full of joy and appreciation as they were empowered financially and the machines used during the training was also given to them to help them start up on their own businesses. God bless DIF.

David Ibiyeomie Foundation, on the 13th of November,2017  Donated a 22KVA Generator to Bolo Community in River State, Nigeria. 

Watch the Picture Highlights.


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