Building the Future is a television program airing on Salvation TV. The Programme is hosted by Nora Miller airing Worldwide (around the globe). The program draws its content from recent events showcasing the divine mandate given to God’s servant David Ibiyeomie which is ” To Establish the Kingdom Of God Here on Earth”. The Programme showcases the various projects Salvation Ministries embarks on in fulfillment of the scripture which says ” And they that be of you shall raise up the foundations of many generations and you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of the path to dwell in “as God’s servant David Ibiyeomie in accordance with the scripture deems it fit to put a smile on the faces of People Worldwide. These projects includes; Church establishment, Road construction, Human Empowerment, amongst others.

The Order of the project shown in this program differs from episode to episode as the host unveils the handiwork of God in each episode by taking you on a tour round different projects by Salvation Ministries. In addition, the program features recorded interviews. This Television Program will bless you and change your lives forever. God is not done with us yet and Building The Future is there yo unveil the wonders of God Here on Earth.


This is the Premier episode of Building the Future on your number one Channel… Salvation TV. In this episode, we would be introducing you to the ” Hand of God”. This is the ongoing church cathedral project of Salvation Ministries located at Igwuruta, Rivers State, Nigeria. It is the largest Cathedral in West Africa and the World at Large.

We will take a tour round this edifice show casing its beauty “the hand of God” . Believe it, it’s an Heaven on Earth experience in here. An interview with some of the workers at this project site tells us that it is the best of it’s kind and it’s completion will marvel the World.

God’s servant Bishop David Oyedepo visited the project site again today and blessed this work. He has been a part of this great project from the beginning showing love and support. It is written in Ecclesiastes 7:8, that “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof……. “. The end of this project will marvel the world. Keep up with Building The Future to see the completion of this great Project.


Ageing causes people to be less active, frail and exposes them to the risk of contacting sickness and God’s servant David Ibiyeomie has recognized this fact.

In this Episode, we are taking a tour round the ongoing edifice for the elderly built by David Ibiyeomie as he has seen it as necessary to give an adequately equipped home to care for senior citizens in Rivers State, Nigeria.

The Senior citizens will definitely live longer staying in this kind of environment as provision is made for two spacious common rooms for entertainment, an airy gallery for relaxation, spacious rooms with toilet facilities ensuite, an elevator,provision for wheeling those on wheel chair amongst other facilities.

The architect in charge talked about the construction process and the matron gave words of gratitude to David Ibiyeomie for this great work. This work is the best of it’s kind…keep up with Building the Future ,because God’s servant David Ibiyeomie is still impacting lives.

In this episode, we will be bringing to you clips and footages showing the value God’s servant, David Ibiyeomie places on human development as he awarded Scholarships into Primary, Secondary and Nigerian based tertiary institutions to over 538 students in Nigeria, worth over 100 Million Naira. It was a joyful day for students and Parents who gathered from different states in Nigeria at Obagi, Port Harcourt, for this exercise as they all received the Scholarship.

God’s servant, David Ibiyeomie in his short Word of encouragement talked about caring. He stated ” Life is about caring….Christianity is about caring”, after the illustration of Jesus showing care everywhere He went. He ended the Word charge with prayers for the children and blessed them.

It was a glorious experience as this kind act by David Ibiyeomie put BIG SMILES on the faces of students and guardians present. The Programme ended with words of gratitude from the beneficiaries who joyfully expressed themselves.

The members of the Scholarship board also expressed themselves, giving thanks to God and God’s servant David Ibiyeomie for this gesture that has been on going for years and has come to stay. What a wonderful “Father”  we have in God’s servant – David Ibiyeomie.


In this episode, we will be showing you footages of equipments on the project site of the cathedral of Salvation ministries. God Speaking in Deut. 15:6 says “….and thou shalt not borrow…,” this scripture is fulfilled in Salvation Ministries as all the equipments used at the site are owned by the church and none borrowed. Provision is also made for a mechanical department amongst others where the machines used are serviced at intervals.

As a loving father checks on his child, Bishop David Oyedepo visited the project site to bless this great work and support his son David Ibiyeomie. God says in His Word that He will bless thee in all the work of thine hands.This project is clearly the Hand of God on earth.

Be God conscious, trust in the Lord and this same grace at work in Salvation Ministries will work in your life. The Lord has done great things for us at Salvation Ministries and Building the future is here to testify.