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If you don’t know your identity, you can be labelled with any. A man’s level of understanding determines the quality of life he will live.Therefore, the quality of your life is determined by your level of understanding. Satan’s major assignment is to blind your eyes of understanding. If he can stop you from understanding, he has gotten you but I know your eyes of understanding will be opened today in the precious name of Jesus!If satan succeeds in blinding your mind, he has succeeded in arresting you because anything he can stop you from believing, he has stopped you from receiving. Faith is simply the ability to see God’s word the way it is and satan’s work is to block your mind from seeing it because what you see, you cannot doubt. If you understand who you are in Christ, your triumph as a Christian is sure.When you got born again, you experienced a change of status. Being born again is not a religious connotation but a translation.As soon as you got born again, you are shifted from the earthly kingdom to the kingdom of God in Christ. How bad you were before you got born again does not determine how long it will take God to save you. A change took place the day you gave your life to Christ.



God spoke to things and they heard His voice. God spoke to the water and the water heard His voice. God spoke to the firmament and the firmament heard His voice. Jesus came and displayed the same power. He spoke to a tree and the tree heard His voice. He spoke to the water where there was no fish and fishes heard His voice and came out for Peter to harvest. Jesus spoke to the river and fish brought money out. As the father sent Jesus, so He sent me. Therefore, anything I speak to you today will carry a creative force that will manifest in your life in the name of Jesus! If God spoke and things obeyed and Jesus spoke and things obeyed, what I speak today will come to pass in your life in the name of Jesus! It is not my word but the Word of God that I will speak and His word will change your position n matter how it was bad before now in the name of Jesus! I don’t care how down you have been before now but every word of God that will be declared will find fulfilment in your life in the name of Jesus! When God said, ‘Let there be light’, light came. When Jesus told Peter to go and get water from the mouth of a fish, immediately fish brought out money because all things were created by the word of God. So, your position and your lifting in life will be created by the word of God.

God’s word has the power to bring any change that you desire. Power is the ability to cause changes. There is a power dimension of resurrection according to the scripture above. Therefore, resurrection is the display of the power of God.



There are times in life when things turn upside down due to challenges of life. You might see people laughing in the open but deep in their hearts, they have lost all hope. The children of Israel went through the same challenge in the land of Egypt. They were in slavery for 430years and they cried aloud to God and God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go. HE told Moses to tell Pharaoh that ‘I AM’ sent him. You may have been going through similar challenge in your life right now but God will never come down without a man as a vessel. I didn’t call myself; He called me to establish His kingdom here on earth. I know you may be asking God, ‘Will you not remember me? How can I be going through all these? When will my own visitation come?’ I am here to tell you that this is the acceptable time! From the depth of my heart, I announce to you that this same moment, whatever has stopped your destiny comes to an end now in the name of Jesus! I know in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whose I am and whom I serve, that you are free in the name of Jesus!

I don’t know what your situation is. It might not even be money that you are looking. Maybe you have been so abused that people are making mockery of you right now. Maybe you are at the point you don’t know where the next meal will come from not to talk of school fees. You may be at the cross-road of life right now but it was just one word that brought Lazarus back to life.



In the scriptures we are told of a man called Jairus. He was educated and rich but had a problem, which his education, money and connection could not solve. His daughter was at the pointed of death and the situation was beyond him and he came to Jesus. He needed a miracle and he knew it was only Jesus that could do it. Jesus cares for you; no matter what you are passing through, there is an answer to it in Jesus. While Jesus was going with Jairus to heal his daughter, crowd followed and there was delay on the way. Every minute was very important to Jairus because his daughter was at the point of death. Maybe your case is like that too; it might seem that God is delaying towards your miracle even after all the prayers and fasting. I bring you good news today: it is never late with Jesus. When the news of Jairus daughter’s death was brought to him, his countenance fell but Jesus told him not to be afraid but only believe. As long as your faith is intact, your miracle will still be born. I tell you today, don’t be afraid no matter what you are seeing now, Jesus has the power to make the impossible to become possible.

Refuse to be afraid because I see God step into that situation of yours right now in the name of Jesus! Any time Jesus comes is never late. Never give up because Jesus has not given up on you. What are you passing through that you are about to throw in the towel? Refuse to give up because God will soon turn that situation to a testimony; only believe.



You cannot prosper until you are desperate to come out of poverty; prosperity starts with desperation. A desperate man is one who wants a change. There cannot be a change if you are not desperate for it. A desperate man is persistent in applying the principles of God. Until there is desperation on the inside, there cannot be prosperity on the outside. If you are content with where you are, you cannot prosper. Poverty has nothing to do with any nation; it is not an African phenomenon. People beg on the streets of even the most developed nation on earth. There are homeless people in every nation. Many people are indebted to one person or the other but I am here to tell you that your case will be different! That frustration will come to an end in your life! No matter what is happening to others, God will exempt you and separate your own matter! From today, you will be divinely exempted and you will begin to live in surplus henceforth in the name of Jesus!


David Ibiyeomie

Barely 20years in ministry,David Ibiyeomie has become a phenomenon to the world. On the 13th of February 2011, the church started 14 satellite churches in one day, with all running five services each; a new record in the history of church growth. Today, David Ibiyeomie pastors millions of worshippers spread across the globe with over 180 satellite churches within and outside the country and over 300 pastors assisting him.


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