Success according to the dictionary is the attainment of something desired or attempted, accomplishment, prosperity and fame. It is also person or thing that is successful. Success according to me is simply one of the many qualities inserted into man by God. It is the very nature of man and it is achieved effortlessly. A lot of us might be wondering; “effortlessly you say!? I have to work my butt off every single day on three jobs and there’s still a lot I can’t afford. How effortless is that!?”. Well that’s an average thought, because up here in our minds, we all carry different views of success. Some of us have a picture of a stage, with a large crowd all applauding and we tag that as success. Some of us see huge air plans, some see gigantic hotels, and castles. Now don’t get me wrong, all these are correct, they are great things attained and therefore can be referred to as success.

The only thing is, could this big or great thoughts about success have done some of us better harm than good? Let’s see, most of us have very big images of success in our minds, we place our palms over our jaws while imagining this big thing called success and think “wow! Would I ever be successful? Is it even possible for someone like me” Now, that’s a silly thought, as silly as can be, because you already are successful, Someone’s rolling their eyes right now, but it’s the truth. And I have to say; “yes, you are successful”. Look at it this way; most times we have our heads up and not down, so we tend to skip most of the important details. Success doesn’t exactly start at the fame, money and all, those are just things that come along when the main success happens, I refer to them as secondary success. Primary success on the other hand is quite different and very much over looked, even some famous people might over look them because nobody sees them and appreciates you for it.

But they are the most important success achieved, they give birth to the secondary success we all love and dream about. Primary success is many things, it is getting up early in the mornings, it is also exercising to be fit and healthy, it is making the right choices in our daily life, relationships, health etc. It is getting to work on time, or doing everything on your daily programme and in the accuracy of their different timing, it is being the best mum and dad your children can have, to listen and understand your children better, it is to learn something new, maybe a skill, language, method, idea etc. It is also to train and practice really well for the Olympics. Or simply to be silent and think productively for a couple of hours. Now you see my point right? You may not have attained fame and all but it doesn’t mean you’re a failure, there are so many things you succeed in every single day. I want you to take out a sheet, and put down everything you remember you’ve succeeded in down to the last detail, down to the tiniest, the ones you’ve always overlooked as success. I’ll give you examples; it could be crossing the road without being knocked down by a vehicle.

You’re probably surprised and laughing right now but yea, as simple as look left, right then left again might seem, many people have been knocked down and killed while crossing the road. So, crossing the road without being knocked down is definitely a success. Just like driving and getting to your destination successfully. Like blinking, yes! I said blinking, breathing, sleeping and waking up? You probably said to yourself now; ” but isn’t that God’s doing?” Yes it is, they all are and don’t you think he’s trying to tell you something? It’s not so difficult for you to do all those things because you believe even subconsciously that you can do them. Have the same attitude for those big dreams you have and it won’t be so difficult to attain them. so have fun with success, it is not something that’s  unattainable or only at the reach of a certain set or kind of people, rather it is something that is at your reach everyday. “It is something that you are”. As you begin to see success as easy as this, it won’t be so hard to believe that you can be those great things you imagine, you could be the one on that stage you’ve seen through your minds eye with lots of people applauding. You could be the owner of those air-planes, the hotel, the castle, anything you’ve imagined.

And with that you’ll see every challenge, obstacle that stands before you along the way just as God describes them in (Zechariah 4:7) ‘plains’. You don’t even need to have a lot of money on you. I know a man who didn’t and yet had his dream come into reality.

A man was invited to coffee by a friend at a coffee shop and right at the front of it was a really big building it was owned by a company. From the place were he sat he looked at this beautiful structure and admired it. Right there and then God sowed a seed in his heart and he began to desire owning it. It was in the natural the most silly thought ever in regards to the fact that he had absolutely nothing on him, he was completely broke. Desiring to own such a property was ‘madness’. But he kept believing it was possible. He kept a photo of the building in his wallet to remind him every day of his desire to own it and every time he was around the area, he would take a walk round the building confessing and declaring his ownership with the word of God.

In a few years, that broke fellow was able to buy some shares in that company and soon after he owned the highest shares, you know what that means right?  I’m sure you do. Successful people don’t succeed out side, they succeed behind closed doors first, before it gets blown out the curtains and then the world gathers at their doorstep. Yes he got to own the building that’s a success, but the main success was happening the moment he laid eyes on that building and began to desire it, he was already succeeding those times he walked round the building speaking the word of God upon his dream. A different example is a friend of mine who’s a sports man ‘Des’ he spends most of his time practicing, training really hard for his next competition. All that hard work done successfully behind closed doors makes him succeed in public. If we see success in this light, we won’t have that losers sign tagged to our foreheads anymore because these are the things most of us do on a daily basis in our own different ways, which proves my point of you being a success and not just that, also succeeding effortlessly. There’s no argument on that it’s just the way our creator made us.  We’ve been empowered by God with full greatness, nothing more nothing less. Genesis 1:27-28 KJV

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. [28] And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

God who’s the greatest definition of success created us in his own image and likeness. See, it’s really simple, if God’s successful and we are created in his ‘likeness’ it means we are no less as successful as he is right? And again, I didn’t make that up, he said it himself. And for me, completing this article would be a huge success, not for anything else but because if I share a knowledge and someone else feels accomplished. I term that a success.

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